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Adi plate

Adi is such a lifesaver.

It totally stays in place and now my son can't toss his food.

Less mess equals more fun for all of us.

I am so in love with Adi!!!!


Nancy B - Mom of 1

As mom of 4 little boys, there is nothing better than finding that magical elusive product I can count onto improve our lives. I love that the suction really sticks so the plate stays put and allows me to spend more time with my boys and less time cleaning an entire plate of food off the floor. The Adi plate sticks and I'm sticking with the Adi plate.


Jenny G - Mom of 4

I am really impressed with the design of the Adi plate. The suction cup seems like it can attach to justabout anything.

It even managed to pick up a piece of paper off my table and hang on to it!

I'm attached to Adi!


Bob G - Father of 4

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