A loving moment lasts a lifetime

Self Worth is the Answer to the Global Mental Health Crisis

Prodigi Kids is radically changing the way we raise our children by teaching parents how to develop positive self worth in their baby's brain to last a lifetime.

Every child deserves to know they're a Prodigi Kid- intrinsically wonderful and marvelous.  

When a parent connects with the love inside their heart, love flows to their little one. A baby’s brain then creates a core belief of feeling worthy of love. A child raised with positive self worth grows up to value themselves, achieve their dreams, and live a happy life. Learn more with our downloadable free ebook. 

Prodigi Kids products are an innovative blend of intuition and science that powerfully unite to build a brain foundation of healthy self worth that lasts a lifetime. 

with our

Our new ebook teaches parents how to create neuro-emotional moments of connection with their children that  build a strong brain foundation of positive self worth for lasting happiness and well-being. 

Our CEO, Karen Braveheart, spent years creating a unique body of work, backed by cutting edge neuroscience and her own personal life's journey, that revolutionizes how we parent. Now we’re bringing it to you for free!

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It's in the experience!
Our loving moment collection is thoughtfully designed to connect you and your little one
in more neuro-emotional loving moments, the building blocks of positive self worth.


Something wonderful or marvelous; a wonder...


Something wonderful or marvelous; a wonder...

All Kids Are Prodigi Kids!