A loving moment lasts a lifetime™

12 examples of adults who subconsciously repeat childhood patterns of low self worth

instead of living life
to their full potential
By Karen Braveheart

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Your subconscious mind developed in early childhood holds your core beliefs that governs 95% of all adult behavior. -Thriveglobal/Researchgate

Raising kids with self worth

"It’s incredible how the brain works scientifically!"

At Prodigi Kids, we teach parents how to raise kids with core beliefs of worthiness that support them in reaching their full potential and a life of inner joy


What happens when an adult is raised with core beliefs of low self worth?


In a household with a toxic parent or parents?


How are they controlled by a subconscious mind filled with fear and shame instead of love for themselves?

We will repeat patterns (see 12 real life examples below) learned in early childhood instilled from our parents or primary caregivers. Some patterns based in fear and shame will keep you small and in fear, not realizing the truth of who you are and your potential as a beautiful divine being. 

"Until we make a conscious choice to change and want more love for ourselves"

How can you tell if you’re repeating a negative subconscious pattern in your life? Look at the relationships in all areas of your life- your relationship with food, your relationship with your partner, your relationship with your kids, your friends, family, job, etc… Are you happy? Are you truly happy? If not, then you may be repeating a subconscious pattern.

I have a gift that I can see a person’s full potential and intuitively see what subconscious patterns they need to heal to fulfill that potential. For example, a woman may have unresolved issues with her father which is preventing her from reaching her potential, or someone may have wounding with their mother and need to heal their relationship with love and worthiness. (my journey)

I love passionately and want everyone to live their best life.

12 real life examples

Here are 12 real life examples of adults who are ruled by their subconscious thought patterns. A few are based on my own life.. Out of respect for others, some names and details are left out.


Do you see yourself in any of these scenarios?

  • A man in his late 40s marries an older woman eerily identical in controlling and toxic personality to his toxic mother, desperate for the love he never received from her. I’m not the only one who sees this. His sister sees it too. Love yourself
  • A woman works at the local supermarket. For years, I’d see her and she was always friendly, but seemed sad. When I asked her what was wrong, she said that her dream was to be a detective. What do you have to do to become a detective? Take a test. How do you sign up for the test? A phone call. She had three years before she turned 40 and couldn’t take the test. She never made the call. Believe in yourself
  • A family member marries a better version of their father and when they have disagreements, replays old wounds in a co-dependent attempt to get the love and recognition that wasn’t given in childhood. Love yourself
  • I was married to a narcissist for 13 years and didn’t even know what that was until 4 years after our divorce. My ex subconsciously reminded me of my own narcissistic mother in order to get the love I so desperately wanted as a child. I made a choice to only go where I’m cherished and raise my kids in a peaceful, loving environment. Love myself
  • I was addicted to seeking and getting love outside of myself (not in a sexual way), but in any way I could until I healed this in my 40s. Now I seek love from within. Self worth
  • A man chooses a controlling, toxic girlfriend who grew up with an alcoholic parent, like his controlling, toxic mother. She controls his every move and entire schedule. Hard to watch as he’s an amazing person. Love yourself
  • When I called the water company, the employee who answered sounded negative and miserable. She confided in me that she’s been there for 15 years and hates it! She confided in me that her dream job is to be a web developer and taught herself code. When I asked her why she’s not getting paid for it, she said- oh I can’t do that. Wait- what!?!? Believe in yourself
  • My parents burdened my sister and me with taking care of them at an early age (I was 14 when I started taking care of my parents who were in/out hospitals and doctor’s offices often because they didn’t take responsibility for their own health and have the right insurance policies in place. I don’t have resentment, only compassion. Self worth
  • My mom married an abuser, a very controlling man, and instead of protecting us, she raised two kids in this toxic environment. She endured conditions that no woman should ever accept in her life. Ever! Self worth
  • My ex husband is a gifted chiropractor and energy healer, yet he doesn’t believe in himself to share his value with others and make a living at it. And tragically, he never will. He’ll die with his God given gifts inside of him. He could be healing so many others. Believe in yourself
  • A beautiful woman marries a selfish man that tells her during a time when she became ill that he wasn’t going to help her financially even though he had the means to. She’s still married to him. Self worth
  • A woman has a rescuer archetype where instead of being a fair weather friend, she’s a foul weather friend. I didn’t see this coming. She enjoys my hardships more than my company offering support when I’m down, but when success hits, she’s nowhere to be seen. Self worth

If we as parents don’t heal from our own childhood wounds and inner shame, it’s inevitable that you will project your own subconscious thought patterns onto your own children.

In my experience, this will manifest in a parent not handling their child’s emotional needs with love. It’s because they haven’t been taught how to handle their own emotional needs with love.

We all have subconscious patterns. The difference in parenting is a parent who actively chooses to heal themselves and then are able to connect with themselves and their children in a healthy, emotional way.

A parent who does not heal their childhood wounds sadly teaches their child to reject and not love themselves. Because this is what the parent is doing to themselves!

“Sadly, childhood trauma goes so deep that even the strongest love for our children won’t prevent the wounds of the past from affecting them; most especially if we’re unaware of what’s happening and we don’t intervene.” Parents: Don't Pass On Your Emotional Wounds to Your Kids | Marcia Sirota

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to heal and be the best version of yourself for yourself and your kids?

I am

It’s your choice: What do you want to instill in your children that shapes them for life?


Practical Tips

  • Look at your beautiful kids. They are a reflection of you. What do you see? Do you like what you see? Do you love what you see?
  • When you look at the relationships in your life, do you have that one friend that pisses you off and then all you want to do is complain about what she did to everyone else? She’s actually loving you by showing you a part of you that needs healing. That’s your shadow side. Heal that within yourself and watch your outer reality change quickly. Once you heal it, this friend will never annoy you in the same way again 
  • Are you filled up by what you’re doing and the people you’re hanging out with instead of being drained? If yes, then are you willing to make a change in your life to hang around people who lift you up and make you feel peaceful ALL the time? You deserve this! 

It’s like Spring cleaning your closet. If you don’t absolutely love it, then it’s time to let go of this relationship, wish the person all the best, and then find your people who make you feel peaceful all the time! 


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