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Why hire me?

Karen Braveheart

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I don't just give a speech.

I’m a master storyteller and poet. I openly share my wild personal experiences in a powerful way that resonate on a soul level to inspire audiences long after they’ve left the room.


My Bio

I’m a second-time Founder, Serial Entrepreneur, Storyteller, and Creative Producer that’s been featured in Entrepreneur.com, NBC News, and Yahoo Finance.

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A single stressful moment with my daughter changed the entire trajectory of my life where I found my soul purpose as a designer of products and content thst builds more loving moments between parents and their kids, the building blocks of self worth and the key to a happy, successful life.

With my background in business, I turned the success of our first product into what Prodigi Kids is today- a connection company creating products, software, books, experiences- anything that creates more moments of meaningful connection between parents and their children.

I have tons of speaking experience and know how to intimately present in an engaging and motivating way to a broad audience. I love to connect with people and make you feel comfortable in a down to earth way- like we’re having coffee.

I started my professional career as a trial attorney in New York for 10 years then moved to San Diego and went on to become a real estate broker and college professor when my three kids were young.

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Our platform combines expertly curated products, a community of like-minded consumers, and educational content. Customers can shop the full range of our loving moments product line and access the educational platform directly through its website Prodigi Kids.

To book Karen for a speaking engagement, email connectwithus@prodigikids.com or DM us @prodigikids



The biggest impact you can ever give your child is self worth

Learn how


Create a killer sales pitch in business and in life.


How to have a winning mindset in all areas of your life.


Connection is the key to success in life.


Finding meaning and purpose in work leads to true, lasting happiness.


The key to thriving in life - take risks, don't play it safe.




Karen’s ability to connect with the audience on a deeply personal level while delivering profound insights into overcoming obstacles and achieving success is unparalleled. Her passion and energy is infectious, leaving everyone feeling inspired and ready to take on any challenge. Through personal anecdotes and insightful advice, Karen provided a refreshing perspective on raising children in today's world. I walked away feeling inspired, reassured, and equipped with practical tools to navigate the ups and downs of parenthood.

Thank you, Karen, for inspiring us to be present for our children, before they grow up too fast  and for your guidance on this beautiful journey of parenting.

Thank you, Karen, for inspiring us to be present for our children, before they grow up too fast. You inspired me to switch off my cell phone and make time for family conversations and connect with each other.

Thank you for your guidance on this beautiful journey of parenting.

Chhavi Puri

Founder of Good Vibes, and The Golden Group - Monthly Meetup for Seniors

I had the pleasure of hearing Karen Braveheart speak, and I must say it was a truly enlightening experience. Karen's passion for raising children with self worth was palpable from the moment she began speaking. Her ability to captivate and inspire an audience is unparalleled, as she effortlessly blended engaging storytelling with valuable insights and practical knowledge.

Kristin Rude, M. Ed.

Adjunct Professor - Alliant International University

Karen's personal journey and professional experience truly shine through as she shared her insights and knowledge with us. Her dedication to empowering children and families through Prodigi Kids is both inspiring and admirable.

What struck me most about Karen's speech was her emphasis on the importance of early childhood development. She eloquently highlighted how these formative years lay the foundation for a child's future success and well-being. Her commitment to providing quality education and support to young children is truly commendable.

As a fellow entrepreneur and advocate for education, I wholeheartedly believe in the work that Karen and Prodigikids are doing. Their innovative approach to early childhood development is making a positive impact on countless lives, and I have no doubt that they will continue to thrive and make a difference in the years to come.

Thank you, Karen, for your dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to the children and families you serve. Your speech was a true inspiration, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have heard it. Keep shining bright!

Sonja Gilliam

MCS Arbonne Area Manager - Founder of Carmel Valley Female Entrepreneurs

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