A loving moment lasts a lifetime™

The power of neuro-emotional loving moments 

The Key to Developing
Your Child’s Self Worth
By Karen Braveheart

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Every child deserves to be taught how to love themselves unconditionally from birth


It's parenting with unconditional love in every interaction


It’s everyday moments that build self love in your child’s brain


It’s the moments you share that count


Unconditional love is what registers in their subconscious brain as self worth


It’s in the emotional connection in their brain that works to build a lifetime of inner happiness


You and your child deserve unconditional love

all kids are Prodigi Kids!

We pioneered a better way!
Prodigi Kids Self Worth Parenting Paradigm

I invite you to read my eBook, the Prodigi Kids Self Worth Parenting Paradigm. It’s the culmination of years of neuroscience studies on the subconscious brain together with my own personal life wisdom that teaches you how to raise your child with self worth- to love themselves unconditionally.

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It’s a comprehensive toolkit for parents in a 3-part series called ADI: Align, Develop, and Interact.

These three articles show you how to develop self worth neuroconnections in your child’s brain from birth and give them the best start to a happy life.


The Align chapter shows parents the importance of being in the present moment because that’s how a child relates- on an emotional level. A child’s brain under the age of 5 does not have the capacity to process logic yet. They only understand things through emotional experience which is why aspects of communication like tone of voice and eye contact are so important when connecting with your baby. 



The Develop chapter uses the latest neuroscience research to explore how early emotional experiences are so powerful because the way your child’s brain develops in the first five years of life can make or break their entire adulthood. It teaches parents their critical role in building their child’s brain architecture and explains the neuroscience behind how self worth is created in a young child’s subconscious brain and governs 95% of all adult behavior.


The Interact chapter discusses the evidence from decades of scientific investigation that proves no app or toy can replace a true emotional connection between a parent and their child. “In this high tech world we live in, we sometimes forget that the most powerful gift we can give our children is to connect in love, to be fully present with them and engage in back and forth interactions. It sounds simple; yet, these moments have the most critical impact on a baby’s brain development for life.”
-Karen Braveheart.


How I figured out how impactful loving moments are to a child- it makes or breaks their brain!

I grew up in a home where there were very few loving moments of connection with my parents. I have no memories of affection with my mom.

She never told me she loved me or hugged me.

I just loved her because she was my mom. She was my world, and I gave her love every day.

I have only 3 memories of loving moments with my dad...


The first was when I was 8 years old and scared during a thunderstorm. He protectively took my hand and led me outside onto the terrace of our apartment in Jackson Heights, NY. We sat on chairs and made a game counting the seconds in between the sounds of loud thunder. In that moment, I felt safe and secure, that I could trust him to help me overcome my fear. (self worth building)


The second was when I woke up in the middle of the night after a nightmare and was emotionally upset. My dad got up with me, took me by the hand into the kitchen, and made me my favorite cheese sandwich. He put his arm around me and asked what was wrong. In that moment, I felt like he genuinely cared about what was bothering me and truly wanted to help make it better. (self worth building)


The third was every time we'd get our baseball gloves on and play catch outside. I loved playing sports and my dad did too. He'd play with me for hours in the rain, when it snowed, and in the hot, humid summers. We didn't have to talk-it just felt peaceful between us. (self worth building)

My childhood experiences greatly impacted me. When I became a parent, I wanted to be the kind of mom that was affectionate, loving, and emotionally available to my kids.

I realized that it doesn't matter what your parents buy you or how much time they spend with you.

The only thing that matters is the quality of time- the true moments of connection like I described above, where my dad was emotionally available and loving to me. These moments with him made me feel loved inside. What remains are these memories years after their passing.

I knew from my childhood how to instinctively love my children- to give them what I didn't have so they could feel so loved and cherished inside.

"That's what matters most to a child"


Me and Sophia, munchkin no. 1

Later, I read the leading child development article written by the top experts on brain development.

I learned that these loving moments were the #1 best thing a parent could do for their child. What I know to be true in my heart is 100% backed by the leading neuroscience authorities on child development.

"Loving moments are the building blocks of self worth in our children"

Practical Tips

  • Put love first
  • Take a moment to pause and look within your heart
  • When you’re having a super stressful moment with your kid ask yourself how can I give myself love now? What does that look like for me?
  • Take a walk away from my kid instead of yelling at him and cooling down because I don’t like being in a mad place inside myself 
  • Set a love boundary (to learn how, read my blog!) and tell my kid it’s ok to be mad but it’s not ok to be mean to mommy
  • Take a much needed break for myself today and recharge so I can be there for myself and my family
  • Change jobs if you're unhappy and it’s affecting your kids well being
  • When you’re having a super stressful moment with your kid ask yourself "how can I give my kid love now?" What does that look like for them?
  • It’s whatever love looks like to you- it’s about bringing more peace and love into your life because you deserve it. We all do and the message you’re sending your kids is priceless!

    A hug
    Teachable moment
    Love boundary

    That's where you'll feel peace. And when you feel that connection, that will make your kid oh so happy inside.


  • Content- download my ebook free for a limited time- We help parents build a foundation of self love in their child's brain so they may grow into adults who live their dreams and a fulfilled, happy life
  • Read my blogs- my body of worth that teaches you how to raise your kids with self worth- we’re with you every step of the way to support you on your parenting journey.

    I want every child to realize they’re inherently wonderful and marvelous!
  • Bring our products into your home to encourage a more loving engagement with your children and support our mission to make our Self Worth Parenting Paradigm the norm!

About the Author Karen Braveheart, CEO

Karen Braveheart is an attorney turned entrepreneur and mom of three who deeply cares about making the world a happier place by raising kids with self worth. Learn more

all kids are Prodigi Kids!