A loving moment lasts a lifetime™

Karen Braveheart

And mom of three!

A single stressful moment with my daughter Sophia forever changed my life, leading me on a journey toward inner happiness, creativity, and to find my soul purpose as the CEO/Founder of Prodigi Kids.

As a first time mom, I had no idea that mealtime with a toddler was a total disaster! When Sophia was 18 months old, I put small pieces of food on a placemat that “supposedly” stuck to the table. In a split second, she grabbed it, hurled it on the air, and spaghetti with red sauce, meatballs, and peas went flying everywhere. Uggh!

I hated being so stressed out with Sophia. My childhood was less than idyllic, and I had few loving moments of connection with my parents. I didn’t want that for my daughter. Life taught me that the quality of a child’s experiences- positive and negative, shapes how their brain develops and whether they grow up to believe in themselves or not. I deeply desired to give Sophia the best start in life- to teach her how to create a life of happiness for herself.

As I began my journey to bring the Adi plate to market, I realized that in my obsession for extreme quality, the Adi plate was so much more than the best baby suction plate. It's thoughtfully designed to create more loving moments between parents and their children. Every loving moment of connection is a neuron connection that forms a lasting foundation of self worth in your child’s brain.


Prodigi Kids self worth
parenting paradigm


We need to raise our children from birth with self worth- the belief in yourself, your dreams, and your right to a happy life. If you lack self worth, your dreams will never be realized because you subconsciously block yourself from achieving them.

Our brain is the most powerful organ, yet so little information is given to parents on how to train our mind to love ourselves and how to raise our kids to love themselves. Brains are built- not born. Core beliefs of self worth are formed inside your child’s subconscious brain in the first 5 years of their life, when 90% of their brain architecture is physically formed. 95% of all adult behavior comes from this blueprint created in the early years of childhood.

A loving moment of emotional connection between a parent and their child creates a core belief inside their brain that they are worthy of love. A loving moment is the essence of life itself- where a child learns to love and to receive love. Biologically, our words and actions form powerful thought patterns (core beliefs) as millions of neurons inside a child’s brain wire together. Loving moments of emotional connection created throughout the day with your child are the building blocks of self worth.

Prodigi Kids' new parenting paradigm, backed by neuroscience, helps parents build core beliefs of self worth in their child’s brain that last a lifetime with our purpose-made products and content. Every Prodigi Kids’ product is a chance for connection. It brings you and your child closer together. Every creation has a deep purpose- to inspire parents to create more loving moments of connection that result in positive neuron connections inside their child's brain.

Prodigi Kids’ parenting paradigm is the way to attain a happy life. It is based on unconditional love and acceptance. Let’s raise our kids to believe in the power of being enough simply because of who they are and their unique gifts- this is the only way to a happy, fulfilled life. Raising brains from birth the happy way!

Creation of
the Brand

Prodigi Kids is the direct fruition of years of experience gained in business and product development. Our rigor and passion for design perfection seamlessly unite intuitive design elements with cutting edge biotechnology to create the highest quality products. The result is a beautiful experience of more loving moments of emotional connection between parents and their children.

Prodigi Kids was born out of my deep desire to have all children realize they are innately wonderful and marvelous. We aim to become the world’s trusted destination where parents can receive genuine support on how to raise their kids with self worth.

all kids are Prodigi Kids!