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How to get your kids to stop throwing food for good
By Karen Braveheart

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In this blog, you’ll learn how to turn the most stressful situation into a teachable, loving moment. Less stress, more moments!

When Sophia, my firstborn, was 18 months old, I placed toddler size small pieces of meatballs, peas, spaghetti and red sauce on a placemat that I thought was going to stick and stay stuck to her high chair. Within seconds, she was able to pick it up and out of the corner of my eye, I saw food go flying.

Up up it went way high into the air. Suddenly spaghetti, meatballs, peas and red sauce covered my floor, walls, Sophia, and me.

She laughed and I cried!

What just happened? I had no idea toddlers do this!

A single stressful moment changed my life

This single stressful moment with Sophia changed the entire trajectory of my life. It was like time stood still and felt surreal.

I became determined to invent something that actually worked to stick and STAY stuck.

Mealtime is a time that I wanted to connect with Sophia- not be so stressed out by it.I tried everything on the market that claimed to stay stuck and nothing worked. I was still left with the same frustrating situation.

This is why I invented the Adi plate- with the strongest toddler-proof suction technology ever invented. No other competitor’s product comes close to working like the Adi plate. Learn more about the Adi plate here

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I spent years perfecting the Adi plate. I tried it out on hundreds of grownups and toddlers before I even brought it to market. It was critical that I outsmart the toughest of toddlers, my munchkins included. Kids are smart!

Why? Because I care so much about you connecting in more loving moments with your child. Loving moments is the key building block to build self worth in your child’s brain. If you’d like to buy an Adi plate, click here

Now that you have the Adi plate, your toddler will never throw a plate again.

I started getting questions from our Prodigi Kids customers telling me how much they love their Adi plate because it ACTUALLY works, but they were still having another problem. They couldn’t get their kid to stop throwing food.

I shared my success story with them and now I’m happy to share it with you.

How I got my kids to stop throwing food forever in 3 quick, easy steps


Here’s the 3-step solution that worked for me every time with all three of my munchkins. They never threw food again!

The key is to get your kid to understand the consequences for their choice. What you’re really doing here is empowering them to make a different choice and do it on their own without you reminding them.

This creates inner confidence, independence, an understanding of cause/effect, and self worth because they’re learning to trust in themselves

  • Take their food away from them
  • Get them down from their high chair or toddler seat and respectfully tell them it’s not ok to throw food and it’s now your job to clean it up.

    Because they’re young, you’ll have to show them how you’d like the floor cleaned. I would also be mindful of using nontoxic cleaning products. Break it down for them in simple steps.

    • Get a paper towel to clean up the mess on the floor
    • Throw it in the garbage
    • Clean the floor with a cleaner (I use vinegar which is nontoxic)
    • Take out the garbage

    Only after they’ve 100% finished cleaning can go back to finishing their meal. Once they get how much work is involved, they won’t want to throw food ever again

  • When you set a consequence, it’s important to never- ever change it
  • If you kid knows that they can get away with something, they will! For example, if your kid throws food a second time after you’ve tried my consequence above, take the food away and have them clean it. It’s not your job to do their job (even if you do a better job cleaning) You can always go back after when they’re not looking and clean it the way you want.

  • Repeat if you have a toddler who really tests boundaries
  • This is a great quality to have but they need extra patience to fully understand what’s expected of them.

What if you’ve tried everything above and it still doesn’t work? This has happened to me.

Set a firm expectation the next time they eat. Show them the Adi plate with their food on it. Tell them before you hand it to them that they cannot throw their food. If they do, you’ll take it away and they won’t get it back even after they’ve cleaned up the mess.

Here’s to a peaceful mealtime full of love and connection with your little ones!


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About the Author Karen Braveheart, CEO

Karen Braveheart is an attorney turned entrepreneur and mom of three who deeply cares about making the world a happier place by changing how we raise our children. Learn more

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