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A happy mom =
A happy home

By Karen Braveheart


Sophia one year old and me

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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, if mom is happy, the home is happy. 

"This is pure truth"

Every time I say this to a mom or group of moms they nod their heads- Yes!

Moms- live in your value and worth. Never accept or settle for less in any area of your life- in your relationships with yourself, your partner, your family, friends, children, job, money, home, everywhere.

If your partner does not embody your values, then you’re settling for less than what you deserve. This creates unhappiness.

What kind of message is this sending to your children?


They know when mom’s happy


They know when mom isn’t happy

All moms deserve happiness in all areas of their life! 

"A happy mom = A happy home"

A happy home is critical for a child’s self worth


Justin age 18 months

I love all partnerships- all colors, shapes, and sizes. An adoptive parent can love a child as much as a biological parent. There are many amazing dads who truly care about their children and raise them with unconditional love.

A mom’s love is a child’s connection to love itself.

Every mom deserves to be happy! It’s the toughest job in the world, and the family unit must be set up in a way to support her.

When mom is happy, the kids are happy. A child can feel when their mom isn’t happy. I knew my mom was miserable, but never understood why she chose to stay unhappy until years later when I learned about how powerful the subconscious brain is in controlling 95% of all of our adult behavior. If you’d like to learn more, I invite you to read my eBook.

Moms are a child’s home base. If mom isn’t happy, what effect do you think that has on the home and message she’s sending to her kids?

A mom who’s happy wants to do things for herself. Her daughter sees how she makes herself happy and engages in self care. Her sons see a mom who respects herself and they learn to respect women.

This foundation is critical for the support of everyone’s dreams.

A happy mom = A happy home.


Justin age 18 months

How do I know this to be true?


My parents- They look happy but weren't

Growing up my mom would tell me, “I love your dad, but I don’t like him. Find someone you love and like.”

I used to think to myself how could she love someone who was so mean to her? Kids pick up everything. I loved my mom so much.

My dad was a dichotomy. He instilled in me noble values like discipline, respect for freedom, and a strong work ethic. He was also an abuser.

I never saw them hug or show affection with each other. I saw them kiss on the cheek once. What a lonely, sad life to be in a marriage without intimacy of any kind.

Mom- how can you possibly be happy? To me, it’s like living in a prison of fear and control.

I rarely saw my mom happy until my dad became incapacitated due to a series of mini strokes. She continued to take care of him but without him abusing and controlling her anymore, she was able to do things for herself for the first time.

It was at this time that my mom became happy.

My mom was a stay at home mom who had a previous career as a secretary at Arthur Anderson, a big accounting firm. She learned how to do “books” and took over the finances for my dad and her.

My dad was mean and stingy with “his” money and never gave her money to support her passions. He “forbade” her to work. It was awful to see.

This was the first time I saw my mom happy. She blossomed!

She was in her 60s and started doing things for herself without my dad attacking her for it.

My mom joined a bowling league. She came home with trophy after trophy and the cutest happiest grin I’ve ever seen with a certain twinkle in her eye.

My petite mom at 5’1'' with her poofy hairdo was nicknamed “Lefty” by her bowling league. She had a wicked left hook that would hit the center of the pins and rack up strikes after strike. She was the highest scoring bowler in her league, regularly averaging 144.

One day she decided to learn tai chi. I had no idea. I walked in her room one day and saw her practicing. I never saw her so happy.

I wish that she asked me to join her in the fun.

My mom also started playing bingo. She loved it and would come home winning the grand prize. Like every time! And was never happier.

I was so happy my mom was happy.

It was the first time she was free to be herself and pursue her own passions without her abusive, unsupportive husband controlling her every move.

I loved watching this. And to this day, it’s the only time I felt inspired by my mom. She set an example for me of what I’d like for my own life.

A happy mom = a happy home!

I learned a beautiful lesson. It doesn’t matter what age you are. You can do anything at any age if you just do it.

"Your kids pick up on this. They pick up on everything"

Are you a mom who is loving and kind to yourself? Do you pursue your passions? Being happy in yourself shows your kids they deserve happiness too.

Kids learn more from how you live your life than from you telling them.

And we all deserve to live happy, fulfilled lives!

My divorce story


I’ve been divorced for several years and rarely talk about my former husband publicly because our kids are 50% him, and I’m mindful about what I say about their dad.

In this blog, I’m sharing how I put my happiness first and got divorced because I feel like it may help other moms to hear my story.

For three years prior to our divorce, I had been telling my ex husband that if he continues to treat me a certain way (other stronger words were exchanged!) that it makes me want to leave him.

He didn’t really hear me.

About 9 months before I asked him for a divorce, I remember looking out of the master bedroom into the backyard and sending a message to God. I told God that I deserved the life of my dreams and visualized an invisible “smoke stack” of energy reaching up out of my body into the skies above.

My biggest dream is simple yet so meaningful for me. I’ve always wanted a happy home with my partner and a house full of kids with their friends and family over.

Looking out the window that day, I realized that I deserved better than what I had. I was married to a man who didn’t support my dreams especially for Prodigi Kids when I told him that it was my calling in life, my passion project. It was magical to me. He didn’t care.

I felt like a single mom during our marriage. After we separated, I became a single mom, and the only thing that changed was that my life was now peaceful.

There were other important reasons for our divorce which I’m going to keep confidential to protect my munchkins.

Justin was only 4 when I asked him for a divorce. It hasn’t always been easy, but my life is fulfilled and happy now. And my kids see me happy, pursuing my dreams, and enjoying my life.

I wish my former husband all the happiness in the world- as I do everyone.

We all deserve it and our kids do too.


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