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What Does a Child Experience When You Shame Them?

Spanking and being called names and put down doesn't teach a child anything except to hate themselves and that they aren't worthy of receiving love. Nothing good comes from it. Only shame and feeling that you're bad at your core. The way I was punished put me in full survival mode- shutting down my emotions to protect myself. I became desperate for love and searched for it outside myself. I spent years repeating the same past patterns in relationships with men and chose a career that wasn't fully fulfilling. Shame is silent- it goes into your subconscious brain during the early years of your childhood and comes out as an adult in these kinds of ways. Personally, I think it's...

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Shame: The Hidden Culprit Behind Every Unhappy Adult

The purpose of this blog is not to judge this father or any other parent that treats their kid this way. I am here to speak up for all children and tell you that there's a much better way to raise our children that leads to happiness and a lot less stress for parents. Research shows that spanking, slapping, and other forms of physical punishment don't work well to correct a child's behavior. Beyond being ineffective, harsh physical and verbal punishments can also damage a child's long-term physical and mental health. The product of this type of parenting style can lead to children who are shy, aggressive, socially inept, and unable to make their own decisions. Children in these families...

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