A loving moment lasts a lifetime™

Social Mission

We’re not just your traditional business selling cute baby suction plates and then expand further into the feeding category with sippy cups and more plates (innovative utensils coming in 2023!) like our competitors and what some have suggested we do- to conform. We’re trailblazers and don’t follow the crowd. Prodigi Kids is pioneering its own path forward building our core business model around a clear mission of raising the next generation of children with positive self worth. We are the new category.

Our CEO/Founder
Karen Braveheart

In this high tech world we live in, we sometimes forget that the most powerful gift we can give our children is to connect in love, to be fully present with them and engage in back and forth interactions. It sounds simple; yet, these moments have the most critical impact on a baby’s brain development for life.

-Karen Braveheart

Our traditional model of shame based parenting is broken (just ask Brené Brown!) and we’re here to dismantle the system. We created the Prodigi Kids Self Worth Parenting Paradigm to raise kids with positive self worth- the main ingredient to leading a happy, fulfilled life.

Every loving moment of neuro-emotional connection between a parent and their child is another neural connection forming in your child’s brain of positive self worth. It becomes permanently wired as a pathway. To reflect this process, we engraved “A loving moment lasts a lifetime” into every Adi plate.

We’re building our business around you, our customers. When we started selling Adi plates, we simply brought a product to market that we knew was a game changer. We didn’t expect the outpouring of love you gave to us and how deeply you connected with “A loving moment lasts a lifetime." Our customers suggested we put our brand inspo on bibs, onesies, and matching mommy & me bracelets. You spoke and we listened. We even added in bonus matching hoodies. That’s how we run our business- by following our heart and listening to you!

We obsess over every single feature and detail of our products because they are designed like no other. Our designs are tools for parents and their kids to create more neuro-emotional loving moments of connection, the building blocks of positive self worth. Our content- eBook, blogs, videos, and social media posts give parents the blueprint for the Prodigi Kids Self Worth Parenting Paradigm so they can raise the next generation of children to reach their potential and live happy, fulfilled lives. Cause isn't that what we all want for our kids!