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You are not your choices

We are not our choices.

We are not our choices

Our culture defines things in terms of good and bad. If you act a certain way, then you are good.

If you act a certain way, then you are bad. I have a big problem with this because it’s as if we are saying to ourselves that our choices define us. They don’t!

You can make a choice that is not in alignment with love ( a “bad” choice) but why would we want to make ourselves feel bad for our choice.

We are not our choices.

And the beauty of choice is that we can change it at any moment. We are in a job we hate. Choose to change it. We stole a loaf of bread. Make a different choice. We are in a relationship where our partner treats us like crap. Make a different choice.

One choice can change your life. It changed mine. Tell the choice to divorce and exit a marriage of 13 years. I wasn’t happy and we were no longer aligned. We didn’t grow together as individuals and we had different values. I’m a risk taker- the kind that jumps off the ledge every day and thrives on it. His risk tolerance is not as high. He likes steady income. I’m ok with taking the journey as an entrepreneur trusting that money will always be there for me.

My soul yearned for Prodigi Kids and the long hours that come with it. It is my mission in life and I love every minute of it. When I found myself loving my mission more than him, it was time to leave. It was compassionate for me, and my kids. I freed myself up to be with the people that I am meant to be with in this life, and my kids saw me happy. Truly happy. The past couple of years have been the hardest of my entire life, but I have never felt more alive, more happy, and more like I can accomplish anything. I am living my dream instead of looking at it from the outside. To stay somewhere when I wasn’t happy anymore or felt free to be me was not being a role model for my kids that I desired in my heart.

I am grateful for the wisdom that I learned from my marriage and the self worth that I gained since my divorce. I made a choice to love myself first and it has made all the difference.

And know what- my former husband is now with a wonderful beautiful woman who is very kind and sweet to our children. I am happy for him, and if we stayed together, he wouldn’t have been free to meet with someone that he is more compatible with.

Karen Braveheart


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