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What spanking your child does to them

Love hurts. So, who wants it?

Love hurts. So, who wants it?

Dear Dad, Share my story from a child’s perspective about how spanking only brings low self esteem, low worth, humiliation, and shame upon a child. It didn’t teach me anything except to hide and cower in fear. I feared my dad. I didn’t respect him. I grew to hate him. I learned to never trust men in relationships because they are designed to hurt me physically. I became a commitment phobe and stayed clear of intimacy b/c I could never open myself up to feeling that shame again. No vulnerability. No chance of feeling. I stayed in control. I learned to close myself off to love. Love hurts. So, who wants it. And, I kept love out. I kept loving myself out. I kept my good out. Love, your daughter Karen

Karen Braveheart


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