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And your friends who are not yet parents will not get it…

And your friends who are not yet parents will not get it…

We know parenting can be oh so stressful and how life changing it is when you become a parent for the first time. I remember feeling like I entered a different zone- one of unconditional love I had never felt before...but no one told me how hard it is not to sleep, how your thoughts are not your own because you’re on duty 24/7 taking care of a human life… And the responsibility at first can be scary.

I didn’t have enough support and help and the mom blogs and other expert sites and books didn’t really help me. They just scared me even more… if you don’t do this with your child, then they’ll be emotionally scarred for life. If you don’t do this enough, your child will grow up unhealthy, etc...It was as if fear had the be the motivating factor to make me do the thing the person was telling me and it made me feel yucky inside and unsure of myself as a new mom or that I wasn’t doing it right. Like if I didn’t do the top 5 things to stop a tantrum or if I didn’t do this, then I’ve scarred my kid for life. None of it ever left me feeling good about myself. Do you feel like this too?

I was fortunate when my kids were young to have supportive friends with same age kids to call and seek out advice and have playdates with. We helped each other out with emotionally support and practical advice during the most trying times. After all, I had 3 kids in 4.5 years. Crazy! And, a dream come true for me.

The only constant I had to guide me was my own heart. Literally, every decision I made with my kids- I asked myself, does this feel right? Does it feel peaceful inside? And the more I followed it, the stronger it grew and more confident I became as a parent. It made me feel good inside about my parenting choices-unlike all the other information out there which made me feel bad if I didn’t follow it or if it didn’t work for my situation. Because I learned to parent with my heart as my guide, I got to be more fully present with my kids. I didn’t listen to outside sources telling me what to do or not to do- If you don’t read for 20.25 minutes to your kids every day, they won’t grow up to be as smart as others. Some said it was 30 minutes. Others said 15 minutes. Now that my kids are 13, 11, and 8, I have the most beautiful, precious memories with them. And choices that I’m happy I made along the way. I read to them every evening- the right amount of time for both of us.

 We at Prodigi Kids are building a platform to be the goto resource for all parents. We want to empower you as parents and share what we’ve learned along the way. We want you to feel good about yourself when you read our blogs, buy our epic products, hear from our child development and nutrition experts, follow our badass content on social as we guide you to raise our children with self worth. We’re there for you every step of your parenting journey. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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