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Why do we judge ourselves is the more important question? 

Why do we judge ourselves is the more important question? 

I breastfed and made sure that my babies could take formula, drink from a bottle and a spoon, all against the advice of nipple confusion by the time they each were 8 days old. Why? Because in my heart, I knew that I needed freedom my my kids and desired for my kids to be independent of me- when I’d miss a feeding to work. This felt right to me.

You may feel differently and whatever your choice is- I honor that. So, why do we as moms judge each other for how or what we feed our kids. Why do others feel a need to comment on where or how or what we are feeding our babies?

Why do we judge ourselves is the more important question? If we weren’t so hard on ourselves, then we wouldn’t have the need to judge another mom. It’s ok that you didn’t breastfeed. It’s ok that your baby doesn’t take a bottle. Or has nipple confusion. breastfeeding can be challenging. My nipples cracked and bled- there were times when I was ready to give up. Your boob can so so engorged that all you can think of is getting your breast pump out at 4am- and being pissed that you have to wake up to expel the milk - when your baby is still sleeping beside you but you can’t sleep b/c your boob needs to get that milk out now or become too hard!

You see photos of moms with their babies on Instagram who make it look like it’s a walk in the park to have a baby. It’s chaotic and life changing and hard! And, that’s the truth. Breastfeeding is something that’s learned.

And, bottle feeding has it’s challenges too. You have to remember to pack the formula, bottle, water, and have a warmer with you just to get it to the right temperature, esp. If you live in a cold climate. Then, there’s washing of the bottles and sterilizing them for the next round of feedings.

Why not come together and support one another through our parenting journeys?

Karen Braveheart


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