A loving moment lasts a lifetime™

A choice to love can only be made in the present

Life is found only in the present moment

Life is found only in the present moment

Life is found only in the present moment. The past doesn’t exist because you can’t create love in it. The future doesn’t exist because it hasn’t happened yet. So, if you really think about it- the present is all that exists.

If you read this and are shocked, it’s because you are living your life in fear from past emotional upsets from your childhood. If you think that future does exist, it’s because you are trying to control it so much that you are missing out on life in the present.

How do I know this? Because I used to live my life from past unhealthy patterns that I repeated in my relationships with others. As such, my upsets were always about a trigger that brought up a past hurt from my upbringing. I also lived for the future and tried to control how it happened. Why? Because the “love” in my household growing up was so dysfunctional, that I learned that I needed to control “love” or else I’d get really hurt. It was a protective mechanism.

So, where did they all get me? Nowhere. It didn’t bring me any closer to love- to really living my life. Until I made a conscious choice after my divorce to get real with myself. I looked hard at myself and asked- what kind of life do I want? I thought about the things that made me most happy and learned that when I did those things time stood still. It was peaceful and my work didn’t feel like work. Those moments were magical and only existed in the present.

As I started on this journey to heal my old emotional upsets, I found that my brain became free. My negative thoughts were going away and my mind was much more at peace.

Karen Braveheart


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