A loving moment lasts a lifetime

A loving moment

 lasts a lifetime

When a parent connects to the love inside their heart, love flows to their little one. A baby’s brain creates a core belief of feeling worthy of love. Only a child who believes they are worthy grows into a person who achieves their dreams.

Prodigi Kids products are a unique blend of intuition and science that work together to build a foundation of self worth in children.


Stop. Breathe. Connect.

You can’t connect with your kid if you’re worried they’re going to send sweet potatoes flying onto your nice work shirt right before your big meeting. That’s why we spent over a year engineering a suction that makes your Adi plate stay on the table no matter what.

When you have a product that really works, that’s when you are free to bond with your child. The present moment - it’s where the magic happens.


Every feature crafted to teach
confidence, independence, and a
feeling of achievement

Adi is the optimal tool backed with cutting edge neuroscience designed to increase your child’s brain development and build confidence. Adi’s eating sections promote independence with food choices, portion size, and placement. Its curved edges help your toddler confidently practice and master self-feeding.

When you buy a Prodigi Kids product, you know that every single element has been meticulously designed to boost your baby’s brainpower.

What wires together in the brain fires together. The science behind the polyvagal nerve is that we’re made to have social engagement brought on by positive parent experiences and a baby receives this as connectivity in their brain.


Playtime is serious business

As parents we’re trained to believe that overpriced educational toys are what make our kids learn and grow into healthy adults. But the secret to a child’s development has never been knowledge- instead it’s about connecting with love. No amount of fancy gadgets is going to make your child feel loved and supported like quality time with a parent.

Moments of interaction are the building blocks to developing self worth in your child’s brain. Prodigi Kids exists to support authentic, loving moments between you and your child.

The most important influence on early brain development is the real-life serve and return interaction with caring adults.

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