A loving moment lasts a lifetime™

Our Team

Karen Braveheart


I’m a bold visionary. I'm an adventurer. I’m a designer and poet. I’m an attorney turned entrepreneur and mom of three. My work in the world is to bring Prodigi Kids into your hearts and homes. I’ve been a successful businesswoman for over 20 years and have a fiery passion to build this business into something sustainable and global. It’s our vision that all kids realize they’re inherently wonderful and marvelous. 

My passion is to design products and write content that connect your and your child in more loving moments. You can feel this as soon as your hold a Prodigi Kids creation in your hands. 

I love beats and graffiti art and enjoy going on adventures with my 3 munchkins. 

Mia Grable


My primary focus is operationalizing mission-driven businesses. I specialize in strategic brand representation and business development strategies. Organizations I’ve worked with have achieved results as positive as 25x staff growth and 10x annualized revenue increases in under 1 year of partnership. When working on brand development, I am always focused on artfully blending the visual and narrative components of a brand’s identity so its impact on the market and culture reflects the vision and mission of the company.

I strive to ensure the passion and dedication that Prodigi Kids has for creating loving moments is brought to light as authentically as possible. Ensuring every aspect of customer experience reflects the love and commitment Prodigi Kids puts into each of their products is my number one mission.

I speak German fluently and am a professional musician with a passion for singing and am trained in opera.

Alex Prey

Tech/Graphic Design

I am an artist, a graphic and web designer, and a computer repair and network technician. I specialize in graphic design for print and digital mediums, and computer and network setup, installation and maintenance. I started working as a graphic artist and computer tech for Prodigi Kids in 2019, helping with web and print graphics and layout, logo design, advertising art, etc. I also help by keeping Karen’s network and computers up and running.

I come from a Buddhist household, and though not a Buddhist myself, I do believe that all problems should be approached with calm and empathy.