At Prodigi Kids, we take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our products. Attention to design, materials, safety, and construction are our top priority. Why? Because Adi is so much more than a plate! We spent years creating Adi to be the most trusted product in your home so you can enjoy more loving moments with your children.

Adi is scientifically engineered to stay in place. Its innovative, patented design includes a dual strong suction base and suction release tab allowing for easy parent removal. The tab’s clever placement is out of sight and out of reach for curious little fingers.

Adi was designed to be lightweight and portable. Its snap-tight lid keeps food neatly inside each compartment making it ideal to take with you when on the go. Simply toss Adi into your diaper bag and use at your next mealtime.

The Adi plate is made in the USA at Eagle Mold Technologies located in Poway, CA. The ink is hand silk screened at Accuprint Services in Ontario, CA, and the suction is made by Goodyear Rubber located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and Tecate, MX.
Simply press down on the Adi plate. For a longer lasting grip, you can dampen the bottom of the suction with a little water.
Do NOT pull up on the Adi plate. The ONLY way to release the suction is to place your index finger into the slot, UNDER the tab and lift up.
The Adi plate sticks to most flat surfaces that are not too porous.
The Adi plate is designed for children ages 5+ months and up. When your child can sit up and is ready for solids, you can start using the Adi plate. There is no age limit.
Yes. The lid keeps solid foods in their individual compartments.
Yes, top-rack only. Hand-washing Adi is recommended. When plastics are washed at high temperatures in the dishwasher, chemical reactions can occur, invisible stress can happen, and plastics can degrade; particularly when using a harsh cleaning agent.
Yes. All parts of Adi are recyclable.

Yes. We are serious about your child’s safety.

All materials and parts, including the ink on Adi are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, and lead and made from safe materials that have been FDA-approved for use by young children.

The Adi plate has been tested and approved with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission accredited laboratories to ensure that we are compliant with 16 CFR 1500.51 and 1500.52 and the small parts regulations for toys and products for use by children under three years of age.

Yes. The the Adi plate is legally protected by both a US Design and Utility Patent.

US Patent No. D719,786 S and US Patent Application No. 16/019,088.

We recommend keeping the suction free of dirt and debris and wiped clean before using.

No. We designed the suction to fit snuggly onto its post so that your child cannot remove it.

The Adi plate underwent rigorous testing in the dishwasher and no food debris was left behind.

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Prodigi Kids works with DHL Express to offer tracking and shipment delivery status on all Canadian orders.

Plans are in the works to sell abroad, but not available at this time.