At Prodigi Kids,
we believe that every child is
inherently wonderful and marvelous!

I began a journey that laid the
foundation for a sustainable company


Something wonderful or marvelous; a wonder...

Karen Braveheart, Founder + CEO

Karen Braveheart, Founder & CEO

I’ve had successful careers in law and real estate and am a serial entrepreneur. As the Founder of Prodigi Kids, I lead my company with a vision to create a world where everyone is living a joyful life sharing their unique gifts.

Growing up, I had less than an idyllic childhood and learned that love is something that’s taught. When I became a parent, I asked myself what is the biggest gift I can give to my children? Then, it came to me: Self worth. Why? Because it’s the main ingredient in making dreams come true and living a happy life.

We are all born with unique gifts. They’re what make us different from others and create happiness inside when shared. These gifts are our passions in life.

As parents, we’re here to support our children and find their unique gifts. When we raise our children with self worth, they develop the inner confidence to trust themselves and look within for happiness.

Every loving moment of connection is a building block that creates the foundation for our child's self worth.

The Prodigi Kids Team


Karen Braveheart

CEO & Founder


Mia Grable

Brand Chief