A loving moment lasts a lifetime

Do we love ourselves as much as we love our kids 

Your heart knows. Are you listening?

Your heart knows. Are you listening?

Are you taking responsibility for your own life as much as you are responsible for your child’s life?

When I first became a mom, I felt an incredible sense of responsibility to raise this child into the world. I breastfed my children and was their sustenance. Even though I’d taken care of my parents since the age of 14, this responsibility was different- it was much greater. I was responsible for my child’s spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental well being and needs. As parents, we are raising the next generations and how we raise our kids is everything.

One day over a coaching session, I was asked, Karen, do you love yourself as much as your love your kids. Tears started welling up inside my eyes. The answer was no. I loved my kids more than I loved myself. I was surprised at the answer and scared to accept it at first.

I was scared to accept it at first because that meant that I had to take a close look at all areas in my life to see where I was rejecting myself. It meant that I couldn’t run away from myself anymore and that I truly had to face my fears as they came up. My answer scared me more than the fears and doubts that would arise to love myself more. It motivated me to love myself as much as I love my kids- if not more. To love myself more is to love them more. The more love I have for myself, the greater that love I can give to my kids and others. It’s all connected.

Moms- we often put others in front of us and our needs last. Why? Why do we do this to ourselves? Have you ever noticed that when you have time for yourself away from the kids to do whatever makes you happy that you become happier and this in turn you bring home to your families. Why don’t you do more of that? Ask, what acts of self love can I do for myself today and every day. When I first started reading about self love, I had to actually look it up- a lot. I didn’t know what it was or how people used it. How does one love yourself? I googled it a lot. And I learned that self love is cultivated over time. It takes one step and then another and then another to do things every day that make you happy. To listen to your heart above all else and let it take you where it wants to go. Your heart knows. Are you listneing?

Karen Braveheart


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