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You Can Only Love Your Child to the Extent that You Love Yourself

Why not make your everyday life your vacation?

Why not make your everyday life your vacation?

Look at your relationships and at your results. Are they peaceful? Are you getting the results that you desire out of life. How much time do you spend on the phone with your girlfriends upset because so and so did something to you or that you husband hurt your feelings or pissed you off?

You can only give love to the extent you love yourself. If you reject yourself, your child will feel rejected as well.

The common denominator is you. You can move anywhere in the world and still have the same problems- only they will come through different people. Have you ever noticed that when you go away on vacation, it's magical but then when you return, you still experience the same problems. Nothing has changed because you haven’t changed inside.

So, what can you do with your life if your relationships are peaceful or get better results? That would mean a lot less phone calls complaining about how others treat you. Take your focus off others and with that time-turn inward and ask your heart what’s my next step- the answer is yours to choose.

Why not make your everyday life your vacation?

Karen Braveheart


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