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Why do we sabotage us when we need to unite together?

Why do we sabotage us when we need to unite together?

I’ve been a mom now for 12 years and have 3 beautiful kids. I’ve pretty much have seen it all and have found myself at times in the craziest of moments with my kids. The one thing I have learned about having 3 kids and being always outnumbered is to surrender to the chaos that can at times swirl around Our kids are our most important resource. They are our future. We should e investing in them and their positive growth and doing all we can to support moms.

Here are some of the things I’ve seen where moms judge one another. Why do we sabotage us when we need to unite together?

  • The mom who works outside the home/ the mom who doesn’t.
  • The mom who breastfeeds/the mom who doesn’t.
  • The mom who sends her kids to 5 activities a day and judge the mom who prefers to have her kids play at home/vice versa 
  • The mom who cuts her 2 year old grasp into quarters and peel the skin off them/the mom who teaches her kids how to eat a grape in case one falls they will know how not to choke on it.
  • The mom who wants their kid to learn 5 languages by the age of 3 and the mom who doesn’t. 
  • The mom who brags that her kid has been potty trained since birth/the mom who listens to the kids biorhythms and potty trains when the child is emotionally ready.
  • the moms who has a natural birth/the mom who doesn’t

The moms who has a natural birth/the mom who doesn’t Ok- the list goes one…we all know and have seem these moms. We may be these moms ourselves. But, what I’d love to see in the world is a return to our values What do we value the most? Loving our kids. Who cares if you weren’t invited to the playdate or not? If you weren’t ask yourself, how can I love myself more in this moment? Perhaps you take yourself to a bookstore with you baby and see a long lost friend who just happens to have the book you’ve been looking for the past 6 months. And, the Universe is sending you in the direction that brings more joy into your life. The possibilities are endless and what I do know is that we, as moms, can take our attention away from criticizing the mom who didn’t invite us to their home for a playdate and gossiping about her and instead saw it as a gift in many ways- do I really want this person in my life as a friend?, we’d be free to love ourselves more and put that attention where it matters most- on us! And, our kids will benefit from it too!

Karen Braveheart


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